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Thermal water

In Banya, there are 72 mineral springs with a water temperature of 45 to 58°C, the water from which is used in the outdoor swimming pools and the mineral bath in the village. The average temperature of the mineral water is 58°C.

*The composition of the mineral water in Banya has the following content:

**For 1 l



 8.5 mg



 9.1 mg



 47.68 mg


 Hydro phosphate

 0.02 mg


 Hydrocarbonate and carbonate

 134.2 mg


 Sodium and potassium

 87.26 mg



 1.6 mg



 0.49 mg



 0.04 mg


 Metasilicic acid

 74.8 mg

 **The total amount of mineralization is: 364.71 mg in 1 (one) liter.

The healing effect of the mineral water when used externally is suitable for balneotherapy and SPA procedures. The mineral water in the village of Banya can be used for SPA, balneotherapy and prevention of chronic inflammatory diseases of the musculoskeletal system, it is also beneficial for post-operative prevention of old injuries - broken bones, sprains, bruises, rheumatism, sciatica, lombago, discopathy, spinal inflammation and fractures, chronic gynecological diseases, inflammatory diseases of the nervous system, stones in the kidneys, liver, stomach, urological and skin diseases - acne, psoriasis, tripe, syphilis, inflammation of the respiratory tract, neuroses, as well as chronic poisoning with some heavy metals (radioactive strontium, cerium, etc.)

Contraindicated are polyarthritis with progressive development in the presence of bone deformities, ankylosis, etc.

*Source of the information: https://portal.bansko.bg/selo-banja


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