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Bansko is located only 5 km from the town of Banya and is the preferred ski resort in Bulgaria, offering 18 ski slopes of varying difficulty, including 16 km of a continuous ski slope. Starting from Mount Todorka (2,600 m), the track descends to the base station of the cable car. Some pistes in the resort are equipped with artificial snow machines, which guarantee an immersive experience from December to April.

In the spring and summer, Bansko turns into a beautiful mountain resort, ideal for mountain biking, climbing, horse riding and ecological tourism. The healing powers of the area's natural water reserves and the peaceful surroundings are ideal for relaxation and recreation.

Visitors to Bansko can also enjoy the well-preserved authentic Bulgarian folklore and unique masterpieces of art and culture, characteristic only of this geographical region, as well as the exceptional feasts in the local taverns called Mehana.

Close by

The village of Banya is also close to other interesting places in Southwestern Bulgaria that deserve to be visited. These are Dobrinishte, Ognyanovo, Leshten, as well as the cities of Gotse Delchev and Razlog. Some of the more famous destinations in the area are Melnik, Sandanski, and why not our southern neighbor Greece.

Distances from Banya village to:

  • Bansko – 5 km
  • Razlog – 5 km
  • Dobrinishte – 13 km
  • Ognyanovo – 52 km
  • Gotse Delchev – 55 km
  • Leshten - 60 km
  • Sandanski – 91 km
  • Melnik – 106 km
  • Kavala (Greece) – 167 km


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